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Looners on webcam



Looners are people who derive sexual pleasure and satisfaction from balloons. Though often associated with children’s birthday parties, many looners report that the attraction began in early childhood. For some, the attraction is very specific and revolves around the sound of a balloon popping or the sensation of rubbing against the smooth surface of a balloon. For others, the attraction is more general and can encompass all aspects of balloons, from the sight of them to the smell of the latex.


Though the attraction to balloons is not well understood, it is thought to be similar to other paraphilias, or atypical sexual interests. Like many paraphilias, looning is often considered a harmless and even positive interest. Many looners report that their interest in balloons is entirely non-sexual and that they enjoy the company of others who share their interest.

However, as with any atypical interest, there is always the potential for it to become harmful. Some looners engage in risky behaviors, such as popping balloons with sharp objects or inhaling helium from balloons. These behaviors can lead to serious injury or even death. Additionally, some looners fixate on a single balloon or type of balloon to the exclusion of all others. This can lead to problems in social and romantic relationships, as well as problems at work or school.

If you think you or someone you know may be a looner, it is important to seek out professional help. A qualified mental health professional can assess whether the interest is harmful and help you develop healthy coping and management strategies.

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